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We started this small, bespoke publishing house as QuickShift Publishing in 2017 to publish our own books including Clear Your Clutter and Write Your Book in 100 Days. It has expanded over the last few years to offer to publish authors we have worked with and like.  It has grown into a boutique publishing house that publishes books that matter in the realm of memoirs, novels, poetry, and non-fiction. We do not currently do cookbooks, illustrated books, or illustrated children's books. 

In 2023 QuickShift Publishing merged with Desteps Publishing and Thandiwe Ngele as founder to create Black Ink Books. We are based in South Africa, but work with authors all over the world. 

We would like to say that we now have a great deal of expertise in this matter. We have an extensive and passionate team of top professional editors, proofreaders, designers, and publicists to handle every aspect of your book.
So finally we can offer writers a solution to get your book out there as a professionally finished product without the hassles of trying to self-publish.

We have helped many writers publish their books. We also know that not every book lands with a traditional publishing deal.  But then there are all the other books – and yours may be one of those. These are the books that are not going to find a traditional publishing deal, and the author has to invest in their book to get it out into the world.
Many of our authors finally find their way to get self-published or they navigate the tricky terrain of manuscript submissions and finally get a hybrid publisher. An increasing number of authors chose digital/online only. Many of our authors are speakers or coaches who want to sell their own books or courses and do not want a publishing deal. They know “back of the room sales” will yield a better profit.
But where do most books end up? In that 13th folder on your desktop.
We help you publish your book. 
We are not masquerading as a traditional publisher (think Random House that is going to foot ALL the costs of your book). That means we are not able to take the financial risk on your book. Practically that means you will pay for the production/printing costs of your book and invest in it and we will take the time and share the risk in making your book a success.
Why must you pay to get your book out?  
That’s just the deal in modern publishing. The big publishing house deals are there… however, they are not always for every author. We are financing a few authors, and we will advise you if your book meets those criteria. Our five-year plan is to establish a full publishing house by 2024. We are just starting out in the publishing business, and we can’t (yet) take a risk on you.
But here’s what we are: we are experts in what makes a book work and how to get a book published.  

How does it work?
We will charge you a quoted full fee to cover the professional production costs. Some quotes may INCLUDE X number of printed copies; otherwise, a separate quote will be generated for you. Any additional copies of the book you will buy through us with a first-order/minimum re-order of 100 books.
We will take 30% of your digital sales, and this is really where we can make your book fly in today’s digital age. However, we will NOT charge you additional fees for the digital publishing package and conversion (after all the initial production costs of editing, proofreading, etc.). 
Who is this publishing option for?


  • You are ready to publish your book.

  • You have a high-quality final version (not your first draft) of your book.

  • You meet our standards.

  • You want to print a book faster and with more creative control and input than you have with traditional publishers.

  • You want your book finished and printed for your nearest and dearest.

  • You want a professionally published book to sell to your clients – think speakers, coaches, facilitators, online professionals.

  • We are offering a complete hybrid publishing package.

What is the next step? 
As a bespoke publishing company, we will only publish a select number of books a year and need to believe that your book will sell OR you have an important story to share. Many of our are writers we have worked with already, but we are open to taking on a limited number of new authors. 
If you want to consider our hybrid publishing option, please send a Query Letter and Full Synopsis (Proposal) of your book first.
We will review your book submission. We will ask for your full manuscript if it meets our criteria.
Upon approval, we will send you a quote.
Upon acceptance, 50% of fees are payable upfront and the balance is payable before final copies of books are delivered /uploaded to the digital space.
The author retains full copyright of their work.
Authors buy all future copies of their books at a fixed and quoted price.
We offer you the full package where you send us your manuscript, and we manage and produce your entire book. We work with a load of talented designers, editors, and professionals who will make your book the best it can be. We hate a poorly designed book as much as you do :-( and we know that good covers sell books. Also, one mistake can cost you readers, wasted time and money.
We have an entire team that will take your book through all the steps to a published book. It may be published on a digital platform only, or you may want a printed version.


You can also opt for POD only (Print on Demand), which is excellent for international sales.

​PUBLISHING package includes:

  • An initial online  strategy meeting with your team and the Production Manager.

  • A meeting with your editor. For photographic books, this will include the layout designer.

A dedicated production manager - who will be your primary go-to contact who liaisons with everyone involved to ensure a smooth and timely process and all deadlines are met.
A top-level editor to improve your book. We only work with the best, and we expect the editor to make your book its best version.
A professional proofreader.
A graphic designer for your cover.
A layout artist or typesetter (depending on the book genre).


  • All files are ready-made for printing/POD/Digital Distribution.

  • Printed copies of your book delivered to ONE address (note: this depends on your specific quote).

  • Setting up and managing your author account on the recommended digital publishing platform.

  • Getting an ISBN and barcode for sales.

  • Setting up an Amazon/Goodreads and Author Central/Lulu account for your digital sales.

  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS TO BE DISCUSSED: Social Media, Publicity, and Book Launches. Distribution deals with bookstores.  

You, as the author, will have to make yourself available and be involved in all levels of approval throughout this process.

This cost quoted usually excludes printing of book costs (unless otherwise stipulated in your quote) if you are printing physical copies of the book. This will be quoted separately based on delivery location, size of book, and number of copies ordered.



Tune Me: Praekelt Foundation, UNFPA, Ford Foundation, and Ndola Youth Resource. I managed all content for South Africa, Zambia and Malawi.
Focus Topic: Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)

B-Wise:  Content development, planning, commissioning, and editing for the key site for the National Department of Health. 
Focus topic: Primary Healthcare

Young Africa Live:  National Department of Health, Gates Foundation. Focus topic: Love, sex, and relationships in the time of HIV and AIDS.
AskMama:  National Department of Health, Ford Foundation
Focus topic: Primary Healthcare, PMTCT

Key content editor and project coordinator on the rollout of the South African National Department of Health’s MomConnect.
Focus topic: Primary Healthcare, PMTCT

Girl Effect Mobile (GEM): Nike Foundation
GEM aims to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by supporting girls to get better educated. I coordinated the content and reportage from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa.
Focus topic: Social upliftment of women in Africa and India
B2B, corporate, or client editing
Unicef and Dept of Social Development:  The Children’s Act Explained
UNESCO: Good Policy and Practice in Healthcare 2014 (contributor)
Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training ADAPT. 

What is Gender-Based Violence?
Ford Foundation, National Department of Health, Gauteng Tourism Authority, ALS, Rapid Deploy, Novitas Investment Group, First Rand Banking Group, Johnny Walker, LittleGig, SABC, Nike Foundation, Longship Trading, Standard Bank, IDASA.

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